The Ghost of Pam Dawber

A history lesson.

When I was little, this was just a catchy song. Didn’t fully realize how serious it was. Still relevant.


Dreamscape (1984).

This movie scared me when I was little. The opening dream with the lady running from the mushroom cloud (I was scared shitless about nuclear war in the 80s), the dude from The Warriors turning into a snakeman, Kate Capshaw’s perm!

You may or may not remember Units clothing, but they were super popular for a short time with the ultra-preppy girls in the 80s. Surprisingly, I can’t find proper pictures of the clothes. I guess because it was such a short trend.

You could only buy this stuff in the mall, and it was all knit skirts, leggings, headbands in bold colors that you could coordinate and mix-and-match into endless outfits. Like a headband could be used as a belt, or a dress could be scrunched into a skirt, etc. I hated it.

American Apparel wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for Units.

Fucking Ultimate Warrior on Arsenio!

This is the perfume I thought was cool.

preps and their polo cologne.

preps and their polo cologne.

friendship pins.

friendship pins.